Six Lanes of Axe Throwing Fun in
Mandan, ND

The most fun you can have with an axe! Send-It! offers the thrill of axe throwing year-round in six indoor lanes. Our axe lanes are perfect for private parties, family outings, romantic dates, and any other occasion that can be improved by the addition of axes!

Axe throwing lanes are $60 per lane per hour with a max of 4 people per lane at one time

Pick Your Projectiles


We prevent perfectly good axes from getting sold into lifetimes of servitude at lumber camps. At Send It! they are thrown at pine targets, just like nature intended.


These cutting implements have not yet had the chance to mature into full-grown axes, but they are still perfectly throwable. Great for smaller chuckers!

Ninja Stars

Think you can’t throw a shuriken? Sure you can! There aren’t many ninjas living in North Dakota – or maybe there are, and we just don’t notice them.

Throwing Knives

Have a knife day!

Card Throwing

With a flick of your wrist and a touch of magic, you transform an innocent playing card into a dart of elegance and wonder.

Signed Waiver Required for Axe Throwing

Our insurance provider would nuke us from orbit if we did not collect signed wavers from all of our axe throwing guests. CLICK HERE for a PDF of our Participation Waiver and Release of Liability Form (you can sign when you come to Send-It!). We will not sell your personal information. We don’t even know who would want it.

Must be 21+ for axe throwing

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